Product Recall Info

TheFood Bank receives recall notices from USDA, FSIS, FDA, and our national office regarding nationwide food industry recalls.

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Product Recall List FY 2014

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Recalled products sold in retail or wholesale locations nationwide:

Horizon Cheddar Sandwich Crackers Due to Undeclared Peanuts

Old Home Kitchens Issues Allergy Alert and Voluntary Recall on Undeclared Pecans In Sock It To Me Crème Cake

Tuffy’s Pet Foods, Inc. Issues Voluntary Recall of a Limited Quantity of Nutrisca Dry Dog Food Because of Possible Health Risk

Aleias Gluten Free Foods, LLC Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Peanut Protein in Parmesan Croutons and Classic Croutons

Aron Streit, Inc. Issues Allergy Alert On Undeclared Milk Allergens In Streit’s Dark Chocolate Coins

Arcadia Tradings Inc. Recalls Red Thread Fish Due To Possible Health Risk

B&M, Inc. Ground Cumin and Other Seasonings Sold at Target and the Fresh Market Nationwide due to Potential Undeclared Peanut Protein

Oma’s Pride Recalls Purr Complete Feline Poultry Meal because of Possible Salmonella Health Risk

Garden Lites Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Peanuts

Iowa Firm Recalls Beef Products Due To Misbranding and Undeclared Allergens Aaron’s BEST GLUTEN FREE Beef Franks Hot & Spicy CHIPOTLE

Gilster – Mary Lee Corp. (Target) Issues an Allergen Alert for Undeclared Almonds in Market Pantry Honey & Oat Mixers Ready to Eat Cereal

Morningstar Farms Issues Allergy Alert and Voluntary, Precautionary Recall of Spicy Black Bean Burgers and Chipotle Black Bean Burgers in The U.S. Due to Undeclared Peanut Allergen

Happy Apple Company Expands Voluntary Recall of Caramel Apples To Include Kroger Brand Caramel Apples

Zilks Foods Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Peanuts in Hummus Products

Tennessee Firm Recalls Chicken Products Due to Misbranding and Undeclared Allergens

TEN BC LLC Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Peanuts in Tommy’s Superfoods 10 oz. Santa Fe Rice

Immediate Recall & Allergy Alert Undeclared Peanut Protein In Chili Mix Products

Adams Flavors, Foods & Ingredients Issues Allergy Alert On Undeclared Peanut Protein In Cumin Products

Reily Foods Recalls Chili Seasoning Kits Due to Undeclared Peanut and Almond Allergens

Zachary Confections, Inc. Market Pantry (Target) Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds For Undeclared Peanut in Product

Ranchers Legacy Recalls Ground Beef Products Due To Possible E. Coli Contamination

Ortega B&G Foods Issues Allergy Alert On Undeclared Peanut And Almond In Product

Marathon Ventures, Inc. Recall of Raw Macadamia Nuts Due to Possible Health Risk