Volunteer opportunities exist in many areas at the Food Bank, including repacking bulk foods in the warehouse, packing boxes for our programs, office tasks, sorting product, stocking shelves, etc. Our goal is to provide a meaningful work experience and increase our human resource and service capability through volunteer involvement.

Most volunteer opportunities are available during regular weekday hours (Monday-Friday 7am-12pm and Monday -Thursday 1pm-3pm).  We will add a few late afternoon hours and a Saturday or two throughout the year.  Please feel free to check out the calendar and go ahead and sign-up!

Please check our current volunteer calendar by clicking the link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0b44aba62da0fd0-food1.  Please note, you will need to provide your email and cell phone number before sign-up. Groups and individuals are asked to sign up for volunteer hours using this link.

Please contact the food bank in advance to schedule or arrange if your group cannot work during regular hours of operation or cannot come in during one of our evening/weekend shifts on the calendar. These hours must fall Monday-Thursday and we will do everything we can to accommodate these special requests.



Auburn University Student?  Auburn University Students are welcome to volunteer at the food bank as part of their service learning. Please check out the AU IMPACT page for more details: http://wp.auburn.edu/involve/impact/

Community Market?  If you are interested in volunteering at Community Market, you will need to contact them at (334)749-8844 and ask for Elsie Lott.

Need to fulfill Court-Ordered Community Service?   We welcome court-appointed volunteers. Please make arrangements with Crystal Fuller at cfuller@foodbankofeastalabama.com prior to volunteering. Court-Ordered Community Service Hours must be scheduled with Crystal or a food bank staff.

Just Wanting to Volunteer?  If you are looking to schedule a time to volunteer, click the SignUp Genius link to schedule your hours.  COURT-ORDERED or UNIVERSITY DISCIPLINARY ORDERED COMMUNITY SERVICE WILL NEED TO SET-UP YOUR TIME WITH CRYSTAL FULLER, YOU MAY NOT USE THE ONLINE SIGN-UP!

For more information:  food-bank@foodbankofeastalabama.com


Regular Volunteer Hours:

Monday – Thursday, 7:00 a.m. –noon; 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.
Friday 7:00 a.m. – 12 noon
Location: 375 Industry Drive, Auburn, AL

During Your Volunteer Time:

  • Please plan on volunteering a minimum of two hours at a time.
  • Plan to arrive five minutes before your scheduled volunteer time.
  • Upon arrival, please check-in at the front desk to sign in.
    • Volunteers must be 16 years or older to signup online.  (If you would like to bring someone to volunteer that is under 16, prior approval from Michelle must be arranged.)
    • Closed toed shoes are REQUIRED! No Flip-flops or sandals
    • No revealing, tight yoga clothing or sagging pants permitted! NO TANK TOPS & SHORTS MUST MEET THE FINGERTIP RULE (when arms are down at side, short length must be at the same level as your fingertips!!)  If you report to the food bank and your attire does not meet our rules, you may be asked to leave!
    • No cell phone use while in the warehouse! This is time to give back, not social media time
    • No eating or drinking while in the warehouse! We will provide opportunities for breaks
    • The warehouse is Alabama-climate controlled so it gets quite hot in the summer and quite cool in the winter months.  Dress accordingly and please follow our warehouse dress code rules.