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Food Bank member agencies may log in here to get the current food list.   The food list is updated on a daily basis.

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All of us are dealing with the challenge of adapting to a rapidly changing environment. For the Food Bank and its member agencies, this is especially true as we keep our focus on meeting the rising need for food assistance while also doing all that we can to stay safe ourselves. Our member agencies have our huge gratitude for continuing their outreach. You are needed more than ever!

After discussions with other food banks and with our management team at the Food Bank, we need to let you know some of the ways we are implementing safety measures at the Food Bank.

  • First of all, EVERYONE who enters the building will be asked to use hand sanitizer.
  • We recommend when you leave the Food Bank, you take time to wash your hands with soap and water. We have four bathrooms at the Food Bank – two in the warehouse area and two in the front office.
  • For the time being, we are closing down the Market Place shopping in order to minimize the number of people congregated in this area and to reduce the number of hands that touch the shelves, bread racks, and coolers/freezers. The items that normally are stocked on these shelves will instead be cased out and put on the shopping list.
  • Agencies will continue to pre-order from the Food List. Additional cased items can be added before coming to the Food Bank for pickup, however, 24-hour notice must be given.
  • For everyone’s safety, while orders are being pulled and loaded, agency shoppers must either sit at the tables in the Distribution Area or wait outside with their vehicles.
  • Please practice social distancing as much as possible around the Distribution Desk and wherever you are in the Food Bank.

In the midst of this quarantine, it may seem that it will never end, and it is terrifying to think of the road stretching ahead of us. Remind yourself that while this is both scary and difficult, it is but a season of life and it will eventually pass. We need to take this moment by moment knowing that we will return to feeling free, safe, and connected in the days ahead.

Stay safe and healthy!