Food Project of EA » How It Works

How the Food Project Works

It’s a remarkably simple system, built around two main types of volunteers:

  1. Neighborhood Coordinators (NCs) agree to organize their neighbors to become Food Donors. Thid job generally takes a few hours a month.
  2. Food Donors are neighbors who agree to give food every two months.

Neighborhood Coordinators (NCs)

  • The NC’s donor group can be any number of people: 3 . . . 10 . . . 16 . . . or more.
  •  NCs decide for themselves what constitutes their “neighborhood.” It can be a few houses, a whole street, or several blocks. The most important thing is to feel comfortable with the area they choose. They can start small and expand their neighborhoods over time.
  • Generally, NCs build their “neighborhoods” by knocking on doors, introducing themselves, and asking if people want to participate. It’s a great way to get to know neighbors. Many NCs start out by asking friends and acquaintances who live nearby.

When a Neighbor Joins

  • The NC gives them a reusable green Food Project (FP) bag and suggests that they buy one extra nonperishable grocery item each week when they go to the supermarket. The food is stored in the bag. (Note: Besides the obvious practical application, our FP bag is an important symbol of mutual commitment and a constant reminder of the food bank’s needs).
  •  Then every two months, NCs pick up each Donor’s FP bag of food, leave an empty one, and bring all the bags they collect to the food bank.

What happens on Pickup Day?

  • Each Food Donor puts the bag of food out by his or her front door. NCs pick up the bag, leave an empty one and a “Thank you” card (which we supply), and take the food to the Food Bank.
  • When we get a total weight for the entire pick up, we let NCs know, so they can let their Food Donors know how much of an impact the FP, and their work, is having. This communication is critical.
  • All food collected goes to The Food Bank of East Alabama for distribution to those in need.