Capital Campaign

Fighting Hunger, Building Hope: A Capital Campaign for Food Bank of East Alabama

“A successful campaign will allow this organization to relocate to a structure far better designed to meet their current operational needs as well as the evolving challenges of organizations and individuals who are reliant upon this indispensable community non-profit.”

– Laura Cooper, Executive Director, Lee County Youth Development Center





For the past several years, the Food Bank has been outgrowing its current building. The building that was so expansive and adequate in 2002 when we first moved in is now bursting at the seams!  We take on this challenge because the need is great. One in five of our neighbors in East Central Alabama experiences food insecurity. From a hungry child in an after-school program to a senior on a fixed income to a working family just trying to stretch a thin paycheck until the end of the month, the Food Bank of East Alabama strives to feed as many of our neighbors in need as we can. 


The new building will provide the following:

  • Expansion of production/warehouse area to include 40,726 square feet (compared to current 20,000 square feet facility) – more than doubling our current capacity
  • Expansion of frozen storage capacity from 23,000 cubic feet to 27,600 cubic feet (20% increase)
  • Expansion of cooler storage capacity form 9,000 cubic feet to 21,500 cubic feet (140% increase)
  • Expansion of volunteer service center form 2,000 square feet to 12,000 square feet (includes the dedicated Backpack & Programs work area)
  • A dedicated receiving/shipping area with three loading docks (incorporating 5,000 square feet to handle incoming and outgoing product)



Because of our donors’ generosity, we are excited to announce that we have reached our initial campaign goal of $805,000. The City of Auburn’s Industrial Development Board has approved a lease-purchase agreement that allows the Food Bank to buy the building with a secured 20-year mortgage. Our Board of Directors and the Campaign Team unanimously agree that it is in the best interest of the Food Bank to buy the building. We have now set a Vision Goal of $1 million which incorporates the current $805,000 goal, and these additional funds will go toward construction costs and paying down the debt.

To all of you who have supported the campaign, thank you for the generosity and for trusting us to be faithful stewards of your money. We are eager to visit with others who might like to partner with the Food Bank in Building Hope and Fighting Hunger in East Alabama.    –Anne Whittelsey, Chair, Public Relations/Fund-Raising Committee

Capital Campaign Donation

Construction is progressing!

The awning is now up on the new building



Walls have been installed on the clean room


Walls are going up on the Salvage Cage


Rack installation continues