Financial Information

Financial contributions to the Food Bank are transformed into food for hungry people. Through the support of the community, the Food Bank of East Alabama is able to purchase food, keep equipment updated, operate our vehicles, maintain coolers and freezers, and enable the Food Bank to protect the integrity of donated food.

Due to the conservative management of the Food Bank, 98.8 cents of each donated dollar went toward program services, and only 1.2 cents of each dollar was used for administration/fundraising last year.

The Food Bank maintains a system of internal accounting controls designed to provide reasonable assurance that transactions are properly executed and recorded in all material aspects. Assets are safeguarded and established policies and procedures are carefully followed. An annual audit is conducted by Bartlett, Gunter & Yeager and is available upon request. Contact Karla DeBrunner at 334-821-9006 or by e-mail at for more detailed financial information on our organization:

Financial Information

Fiscal Year 2019

Revenue Sources
Total: $10,359,884



Total: $9,834,232